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Seediqa, OFARIN's disciple in Shindowal

I am Seediqa, daughter of Mohammad Asif. I am eleven years old and a student of OFARIN. I am my parents' youngest child. I had four brothers. But because of C19 I lost my eldest brother, Mousaver, son of Mohammad Asif. He died on May 8 after battling C19 for 15 days.

Because of the bad economic situation, he had to work with his father in the city center as a street vendor. But he had an intense desire for learning and education. He attended the fifth grade at school. There was a big age difference between him and his classmates. But his only desire was to learn something. Since his death, our mother has been in shock. She is very ill and cannot speak or be with anyone else. My father now has to work alone and raise the money for our living expenses. It is really hard for our family to endure this misery.

Your concern and support in this situation is very important to me and my family.


Seediqa received 5,000 Afghani (€59) in September.

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son of Mohamad Asif

I am Seediqa daughter of Mohamad Asif, 11 year old one of OFARINs schools student. I am the last child of my parents. 

I had 4 brothers but due to C19 I lost my eldest brother. Mousawer son of Mohamad Asif 18 years old after 15 days struggling with C19 virus passed away on May 8th.


Due to poor economic condition he had to work as a vendor with his father in the city, but his intense interest in learning education led him to study in 5th grade at school, however his age for this grade was a gap between him and his classmates , but his only wish was learning. After his death our mother is in a shock. She is very sick and can't talk or meet anyone. My father has to work alone and find money for family expenses. It is really hard for my family to face this misery.

Your care and cooperation in this condition is very crucial for me and my family.

Thank you!

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