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Peter Schwittek -  In Afghanistan

Franziska Augstein discussed the book extensively for the Süddeutsche Zeitung in her video column "Augsteins Auslese".


Augstein's selection "In Afghanistan"

Afghanistan - a country we hear about in the media every day and yet know very little about. Development worker Peter Schwittek gives a detailed insight into life there in his book "In Afghanistan".

You can find the videoHERE

"Peter Schwittek has known Afghanistan since the 1970s. As a mathematician, he taught at the university in Kabul and was then involved in numerous aid projects. He experienced everyday life in this shattered country up close and saw how chaotic Western modernity was after the Taliban rule swept over Afghan society.In his book, the author succeeds in capturing the atmosphere of the country in a very impressive way:


You learn how feudalism and tribal society determine people's lives to this day, what the situation of women looks like in everyday life and why officials are often corrupt. Against this background, the political developments of the last decades are also critically examined, in particular the current role of the USA and the German Federal Armed Forces. In the foreground, however, are the numerous experiences and encounters with the people on site."Quote VdF 


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