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Fayyaz, pupil from Bini Hissar

My name is Fayyaz, my father name is Farhad. I am 11 years old and since 2017 I am a student of OFARIN at Beni hesar. I have 2 brothers and one sister. I am the eldest child of my parents. And studying at 5th grade at school.

My father Farhad son of Hajee Nasrallah was a baker. When he was alive all I had to do was studying. But after his death, as an elder child I have to work to support my family. Now I am working at the bakery where my father was working.

My father was 35 years old and after 8 days of infecting with corona virus died on 15th July.

Our family lives in a rented house. It is too hard to pay house expenses and house rent besides studying.

Your assistance with my family is very helpful for us and we are grateful.

Fayyaz got 5000 Afghani (59 €)

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