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I am Naseeba 24 years old from Faryab- Afghanistan. I’m the eldest child of my parents. I have two brothers younger than me. And we all live with our parents in Kabul-Afghanistan. I was born in Jun 1995 in Faryab province. When I was only 3 years old we left Faryab because of the violence of Taliban, They had imprisoned my father and tortured him. We had been started our life from zero in Kabul. on that time beside of all problems my biggest concern was my gender, as a girl according the Taliban rules I don’t had the write to learn and going to school, but fortunately I was too much lucky when I was at the age of going to school , Taliban's government fell down. I started school, at school I always got the best marks and good positions and that all was the result of my hard working and attention of my mother. Unfortunately education quality at public schools is not good, now a days people with good incomes tries to send their children to private schools but the majorette of people with financial problems have to send their children to public schools. Unfortunately even in some areas people don't have access to these public schools. I have been graduated from school in 2013. Then I passed kankor exam and I could start my bachelor in the field of economy, but due to some problems I couldn't. After that I realized that our family had lots of financial problems and I should help them. So I tried to find a job. Soon I had been hired as a reporter at one of private TV stations. After few months of working on TV, I was informed about OFARIN's activities and I was interested in working with this organization. To be honest at first it was just a place of work for me but now OFARIN means everything for me. I realized the value of its activities, creating curriculum based on improving the quality of teaching in the schools covered by this institute has achieved excellent results. From the blessing of work in the OFARIN, I got the diploma from the university. Now it’s not just a job but it’s a Spiritual value for me. A tolerance and peaceful space, commitment to work and honesty in this institution, has made me love to work here, and I really want to continue working at OFARIN. I wish we could expand OFARIN's activities and help more people to learn, to get the knowledge and to achieve their dreams.

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