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Nazeer, pupil from Bini Hissar

Nazeer is Kabeer's son, he is our student in Beni hesar since 2017. Nazeer is 12 years old. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He is the 4th child of the family.

 They are Jajee people, who are refugees from Paktika province. 

Nazeer's Father, Kabeer son of Abdulraheem was 55 years old bus driver. He was one of Corona virus victims. After 3 days hospitalization, he died on May 22.

After the died of the family head, Nazeer has to work as a mechanic student to support his family.

 Our stuff assists them with a particular amount, which was dedicated to these victims by our supporters.

We all appreciate your humanitarian sentiments.

Nazeer received 3000 Afghani (35 €)

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