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Exciting stories about Afghanistan, the local society, traditions and customs - spiced up with exciting experiences by Peter Schwittek

You will receive the stories to download and print out.

ethnic thrillers

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  • We experienced one or two adventures in Afghanistan that had certain criminal components. I began to write down such "crime stories". I wasn't the only one who had concerns. Since the stories are set in Afghanistan, the villains are usually Afghans. It's true that Afghan heroes also appear in it, great people (!). But they're naturally in the minority when it comes to stories like this. So I also wanted to explain how Afghan society works and what is important for the individual Afghan, in order to also create a certain understanding of the behavior of the bad guys. I also wrote down such teachings about Afghan society and called them "Ethnos". The ethnos can explain quite well the large number of children, the ruinous magnificent weddings and the corruption - and quite a few other things about the coexistence of the Afghans. The "Ethno-Krimis" have become a small book in which an ethno follows a crime thriller. The ethno crime novels can be read as a collection of experiences between which one can find something to understand the actors. On the other hand, the ethnos are an introduction to Afghan society that goes beyond any scientific approach. Between the ethnos there are thrillers to loosen things up. 

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