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Sayeed Abed, teacher from Bini Hissar

I am Sayeed Abed son of Sayeed Abdulrahim. I have been teaching at OFARIN school in Beni hesar for 6 years. I am a bachelor of law and political science. 

My wife and little girl are living with my mother in Kunduz province. Me and my father were living in Kabul.

 Beside of teaching I am working as a guard during the night for a salary of 3900 Af.  This amount of salary is not enough for expenses of my family. I can't find an appropriate job and live in a hard situation.

During the spread of Corona Virus my father infected with it. And after 2 days of hospitalizing he passed away on 4th May.

He was 70 years old and the virus had destroyed his lungs.

I'm grateful of your kindness and assistance. 

Sayeed Abed got 3000 Afghani (35 €)

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