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I’m Tooba Shams, 24 years old from Kabul-Afghanistan.

I was born in 1995 at Kabul province. I’m the youngest child of my parents, I have one brother and one sister. They both got married, and live far from us. I have been lost my mother 5 years ago. Now I live with my Father. I have been graduated from Malali high school and after that went to Management and Accounting Institute for females after taking the diploma from that institute I started working as an internship at a bank. Then due to continuing of study I left my job and started studying political science. During the first year of university my mom passed away. And my life began to be harder for me.

I was responsible for taking care of my Father, to continue my study and also due to financial problems to find a job. And I was soon able to find a job in the administrative department of a sanitary company. I was satisfy with my job. But then I was informed about OFARIN, by one of my friends and became interested to work at OFARIN. I learned about the method they use for getting good results from students. In other hand the nice and warm work environment was the other reason which was tempting me to work at this organization. I bravely can say that education was my power to deal with all these problems which I was faced in a very young age. So clearly I could say that the value of education is too much.

Especially for Afghan children who are dealing every day with horrible problems. To bring a better changes in their future life, we need to work hard in this sector. I chose to work with OFARIN due to my interest and passion I had towards the education of poor and broken children. That being the fact, I love my job and enjoy to keep continue it.

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