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Gul jamal

daughter of Abdulahmad

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son of Mehrulah

Muzhgan, teacher  of Ofarin in Shindoval

My name is Muzhgan, daughter of Atiqullaha. I have been working as a teacher at Ofarin since 2016. In 2017 I left school. Because of our poor economic situation, I could no longer attend school. But somehow my life was normal until this corona pandemic came along. As this pandemic spread and was quarantined for a few months, the problems of our lives became bigger than before. My mother and father contracted the virus. And within 3 to 4 months I lost my parents. This event was the greatest and worst misfortune of my life. First my father got sick, then my mother. I tried everything to help my parents. Unfortunately, after many treatments, my mother passed away on April 25th and then my father on May 25th at the age of 84, both at Ali Jennah Hospital.

I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers and I am the youngest of them. All my sisters and brothers are married and do not live with us. They have enough to do with their own problems. After the death of my parents I am responsible for myself and for my old and sick grandmother.

Now I have many mental, physical and economic problems. I want to thank Ofarin and his donors who helped me in this difficult situation.

I ask Ofarin's donors to put their support. Then Ofarin can help the needy  in Afghanistan as before.


Muzhgan received 10,000 Afghani (€118) in September

My name is Muzhgan daughter of Atiqullaha. I'm working with OFARIN as a teacher since 2016. I have been graduated from school on 2017 but due to pore economic situation I was not able to continue my educations. Any how my life was going in a normal way before this corona pandemic, but when this pandemic spread and quarantine extended for several months, the difficulties of life became more than before. Both my mother and father effected with this virus. And during to 3 - 4 months I lost my parents. This incident is the biggest and worst misfortune of my life. First my dad was affected and then my mom. I tried a lot to help my parents but unfortunately after lots of treatments, first my mother (Gul jamal daughter of Abdulahmad) on 25 of April and after her my Father (Atiequllah son of Mehrulah) on 25 of may at Mohamad Ali Jenah Hospital at the age of 84 passed away.


I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers and I'm the smallest of them. All of my sisters and brothers are married and live apart from me. They are busy with their own life problems. After death of my parents, I'm responsible for my own life and the care of my old and sick grandmother.

In fact, I am in the worst mental, physical and economic condition, and I want to thank OFARIN and its supporters who helped me in such a difficult situation.

I kindly ask OFARINs supporters to continue their supports for OFARIN so that OFARIN, as always, continues to help and cooperate with the vulnerable in Afghanistan.

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