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My name is Naqibullah, I was born in 1984 in district 7th of Kabul city. My father was a loyal police officer at the ministry of interior affairs. I had four and half year when my father became martyred in Shakar Dara district of Kabul city. We had 5 (my grandfather, my mother, me, my brother and my sister) family members at that time. My mother admitted me to one of the school located near our house. In 1993, the government of Dr. Najibullah collapsed when I was in grade three of school. This was the time when the Mujahedin solidified their control over the capital/Kabul; and the war between different parties of Mujahedin was started. Then, we have no way rather than coming back to our original village located in Tani district of Khost city. Very soon after we came from Kabul, my grandfather who was the only male supporter of us has also passed away. Then, we start living with my granduncle (brother of my grandmother), whose name is Khazan Gul. Mr. Khazan Gul is a diligent person, and he is the best teacher who have taught me effective lessons of all sides of my life. My family was in a very critical economy condition. In such critical conditions, I have had to choose one of two options: 1. going to school, and 2. Work to fulfill family expenses. As an oldest male family member, I have selected to work in order to fulfill all the fundamental needs of my family members (my mother, my brother and my sister).  Therefore, I have lost the chance of going to school. I was 12-year old when I have started physical work. I have worked as a driver of tractor working agriculture field for 8 years. Because my body height was not enough, I used pillow on the set in order to appear the road way. After 8 years of working as driver, one of our relatives has introduced me to one of the demining company. I have worked for two years in that company. Then I have worked with a construction company as a metal welder for three years.

In 2009, Mr. Khazan Gul introduced me to Dr. Peter Schwittek who was his close friend. I was then appointed as a driver in the OFARIN institution. The friendly working environment encouraged me to start studying beside my formal responsibilities. OFARIN institution provides the opportunities to all the employees to check and evaluate the learning and teaching methods within their projects. I have then work with some students for solving their problems. These activities significantly attracted my attention toward teaching. Then it created a hope of “BEING a TEACHER” in my mind. Dr. Peter Schwittek who continuously evaluates our works has decided to appoint me in a position of teacher. Now, working with the poor students brings me back to my childhood time and I can deeply feel them. I am really glad to be able to work with the students and teach them who are in the conditions when I was in, at decades ago. I think our students are luckier than me for having opportunities of studying and support of OFARIN.

Now we are living in a join family, my mother, my brother (with his wife and 3 children) and me (my wife and 5 children). We are trying hard to provide opportunities of attaining education for our children. I think the children in our family are luckier than us for having father/uncle to support them. Thanks a lot for reading my life story.

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