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Ahsanullah, pupil from Bini Hissar

Ahsanullah son of Habibullah is 12 years old. He is one of OFARINs, student for 1 year. He has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. He is going to 5th grade to school. He lives in a poor family; his elder brother and father were house payers. His brother was 18 years old and was a vendor. His father was sick and sometimes worked with his son as a vendor.

During the spread of Corona virus, their family was all infected with this virus but the victims from this family were the head of family and the big son of them. 

Habibullah son of Gulajan was 50 years old and struggled 15 days with this virus at last 9 days of his live he was hospitalized in to a private hospital. His oldest son also hospitalized for 6 days but they both can, t survived.

Now the family lives in a bad condition with the help of neighbors they just can have food for surviving.

OFARIN helped them with a specified amount, which we got it from the donation of our kind friends.

Ahsanullah got 5000 Afghani (59 €)

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