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Farmanullah, teacher from Bini Hissar

My name is Farman my father name is Mohammad Nabi. I have a bachelor's degree in economics.

I have been teaching at OFARIN school in Beni hesar since 2016.

Beside teaching since I am an economic bachelor, I would like to find another job, but in my country it's hard to find a good job without having parties or money. Any way I am happy that I can teach at OFARIN school.

I want to share our hard experience during the spread of corona virus.

At Beni hesar my family were among the most first victims of this virus. All of our family members were infected with it. When the ministry of public health found that, our family was quarantined at home.  It was such a hard time. We were not allowed to go out side even for buying food and other necessary stuff. Our neighbors and relatives also afraid to meet us and help us.

Me, my 4 brothers, one sister and our parents suffered from this virus about one month, after several times of hospitalizing my family survived, but we lost our father.

Mohammad Nabi son of Mohammad Rasool passed away at the age of 55 on May 27th s. after his death now one of my brothers work as a taxi driver and he supports our family.

I would like to say thank you to OFARIN and its supporters, which helped us in such a hard situation.

Farmanullah received 3000 Afghani (35 €)

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