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Student reports

Mosque school program


OFARIN offers elementary school lessons for children and for women and young girls in mosques but also in private homes in Afghanistan.

In June 2017, 9,000 pupils (girls and boys roughly equally) were taught in the elementary teaching program.


The subjects of Islamic religion, reading and writing in the mother tongue (Dari or Pashto) and mathematics are taught for just 1.5 hours six days a week. The students work through the school material that should be covered in the first two to three grades of the state schools. Pupils who regularly attend OFARIN's classes learn the material offered.

Annemari and Peter Schwittek in Afghanistan


 "Ofarin works closely with the Ministry of Religious Affairs. »This minister is a responsible person.« Due to this unusual cooperation, a large part of Ofarin's teaching takes place in mosques in Kabul and the rural provinces Logar and Panjir. "In the main prayer rooms of the mosques, twelve classes are often taught at the same time," reports Schwittek. In addition to children, female adolescents and adults who have not attended school also take part in the lessons. "But there are also many students from the sixth to eighth grades of the public school because they don't learn anything in the public school.""Pat Christ, Sonntagsblatt 

Peter Schwittek in class
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